The Salers Cattle Breed

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There is no doubt that the Salers breed is gaining great popularity with UK farmers – the combination of hardiness, the ability to thrive on native grasses and forage in summer and winter together with the enormous benefit of “easy calving" produces the ideal suckle cow.

We are very privileged to work with both the UK and French Salers Societies to bring to you some great Salers Tours. 

Our very first Pedigree Tour was a Salers buying mission for 4 Mid Wales Farmers visiting Muriac in the Northern Cantal Region and since then we have hosted tours to many of the Salers National Shows including St Flour, Vichy, Aurillac and to 3 of the National Shows when Salers were the feature breed at the The Sommet DE L’Elavage Show.                                                       

For more information on the history and characteristics of the breed Visit the UK Society or the French Society web site   

Please note that travel to any Salers Show or Sale is in serious doubt due to the current crisis - we will keep you fully informed as the situation develops particularly for the 2021 National Show - However we will not host a tour unless travel is perfectly safe


The SOMMET DE L’ELAVAGE SHOW is one of the leading Agricultural Shows in Europe and each year a different cattle breed is allowed to host their Annual National Show - Whenever the Salers Breed holds Center Stage we will be organizing your tour.

Whilst the 2021 Sommet Show is at the moment scheduled to go ahead over 4 days on 5th,6th,7th and 8th October 2021 we cannot guarantee that the show will go ahead due to the ongoing Pandemic Crisis. As the situation develops we will keep you informed of any plans for 2021  

View the Salers at the Sommet Show 2018 on YouTube - click here

View the Parade of Salers cattle   through the streets of Vichy - Salers national Show 2017 - click here

View the Salers National Show 2015 St. Flour - click here

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